If there is anything that demands more than usual attention as a living soul, it should be your health. Health-conscious people are known to get the rewards of having the right attitude to their health. Not only do they tend to live long but they also have a good chance of enjoying stable health in their old age. While it is one thing to take your health seriously, gaining access to adequate healthcare is another ballgame entirely. After-hour clinics play an important role in making adequate healthcare available to people at any time of the day. A research of primary healthcare physicians in the United States showed
that clinics that are fully functional beyond the conventional working hours are needed more than ever before. With the outbreak of the corona virus on a global scale, there is a need for health facilities to rise up to these challenges and beef up the quality of healthcare services in a bid to curtail it and other viral infections. While we will be talking about how after-hour clinics can help in preventing the spread of the virus, we will first do a background check on the coronavirus.


Coronavirus; what you need to know

Also known as covid-19, The corona virus is a member of the coronavirus family. This means that there have been other coronavirus outbreaks in the past; each with its own unique symptoms and other characteristics. However, one thing common to all viruses from the corona family is that they are all sourced from animals. Many who tested positive to covid-19 in Wuhan where it emanated confessed to shopping at the Hunan seafood wholesale market in the center of Wuhan.

Symptoms of the coronavirus

One common complaint of people infected with the corona virus is pneumonia. People who fall ill due to the virus are known to complain of cough, fever, and they also have a hard time breathing. These symptoms are classified as viral pneumonia. Hence, it would amount to wasted efforts if attempts are made to tackle it with antiviral drugs.
Instead, the survival of infected individuals is dependent on the strength of their immune system. It is discovered that almost all who have lost their lives in the battle against the deadly coronavirus were already experiencing poor health. Therefore, it makes sense to say you need to pay more than usual attention to your immune system.

Dealing with the first symptom

Being the first symptom of the coronavirus, you have to pay more than usual attention to your cardiovascular health. The general medical advice in Biloxi if you have a cough and you have traveled to and fro areas where the virus is already confirmed is that, you need to stay indoors for a while and avoid contact with people.

While you notice this and stay indoors, do not hesitate to Inform the nearest 24-hour clinic around you of the fact that you have been to areas already hit by the disease. They definitely know what to do as they would contact you and take it up from there.

The present global situation of covid 19 and the Biloxi threat

It doesn’t look so good on a global scale as far as the corona virus is concerned presently, the virus is said to be on all but one continent. Continents battling with it include Africa, America, and the like.However, it is not yet to be found in Antarctica. Definitely, the virus has been confirmed to be communicable as it spreads from one human to the other. As of a few days ago, the outbreak has gotten to a whopping 80,000 people on a global scale. Being the epicenter of the outbreak and the worst-hit country, China alone has recorded close to 3000 deaths from the deadly disease in less than two months. However, over 12000 infected Chinese have been able to recover successfully from the virus. One seemingly good thing about the trend is the comment of the world health organization that labeled the corona virus outbreak to be a public health emergency and not a pandemic. In a sense, they are right about this as the virus is not on all continents just yet. However, the sad truth is that it is edging close to becoming a global epidemic. The only thing stopping it from graduating to the pandemic stage is
its absence in Antarctica. Once it gets there, it becomes a globally present.

How 24-hour clinics help with the corona situation

Ugly as the situation may be, 24-hour clinics play a huge role in preventing the spread of this deadly virus. In curbing the spread of the coronavirus, time is of essence. Therefore, waiting a day before being able to gain access to the right healthcare facility could be dangerous. You can always reach out to 24- hour clinics present in Biloxi if you notice anyone exhibiting symptoms associated with this deadly virus. All you need to do is get the person to visit the clinic or inform the clinic personnel on duty in the event
the potentially infected individual is reluctant to visit the clinic. You can be sure the health officials will take it up from there when provided with the right information.


The corona virus is almost becoming a global emergency and the most powerful countries in the world are finding it hard to contain the situation. However, 24-hour clinics contribute largely to its the prevention of its spread. This, they do by always being set to swing into action in a bit to prevent further spread. A good number of clinics in BILOXI work round the clock and are in this category of health facility. You can reach out to the one nearest to you if you have information on the virus with regards to yourself or
any individual. You just might be saving the whole of Biloxi from danger by that single act of responsibility.

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